Cylindrical gear wheel realization

Straight teeth cylindrical gears (spur gears) are the most common type of gears used and have a multitude of applications, involving not only the mechanical industry, but also the marine, automotive, food, pharmaceutical, and eyewear industries.

- How do we realize the mechanical hobbing of a wheel?
The toothing process takes place through milling, with the help of machines called  hobbing machines.

- How do straight-toothed sprockets work?
Straight-toothed spur gears have teeth arranged parallel to the wheel axis and are used to transmit power between parallel shafts. Two toothed wheels meshing with each other make up a mechanism called GEAR. The driving wheel transmits motion by putting pressure on the teeth of the driven wheel, which turns in the opposite direction to the first.

- The importance of relying on the experts
Stefani makes straight-tooth or helical-tooth gears up to module 5 and straight racks.

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