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from the first Salmoiraghi grinder to Stefani deburring systems. Grinders, deburring machine, brushing, and polishing machines at your service.
From the 1960s to the present day, a common thread links your questions to our history: the constant search for perfection in the construction of grinders, cleaners, polishers, sanders, grinders, and deburring machines.

Tell us about your needs: to advise you on the most suitable solution for your case, we need to know more about your machining requirements. Type of material, workpieces dimensions, production volumes: every detail is important to provide you with a machinery that is a real investment for your future.

Your questions The key to our future

In this section, we would like to go through some of the most frequently asked questions we have been asked over the years, using them as a common thread to tell you our story, our challenges, and our successes.

From the origins to the economic boom

  • "How does this grinder machine work?"
  • In the first pages of our memory book, questions focused on how our products worked, from the first grinders and polishers to the deburring grinders. Our answer was always the same an accurate and patient explanation, accompanied by a smile and a contagious passion.

  • "Which are the best grinders for my needs? Which deburring machine should I use? Which is the best peripheral speed suited for deburring cast iron?"
  • Over time, the questions became more specific, reflecting the increasing complexity of the market and the diversification of our products. Our response has evolved hand in hand, becoming a real personalized consulting service.

    From the 1980s to the name change

  • "Do you have spare parts for my old grinding wheel?"
  • Your questions made us realise the importance of maintaining impeccable service even for older models. Even today, we are committed to providing spare parts and support for Salmoiraghi grinding wheels of the past.

  • "Why did you change your name?”
  • In 2013, Salmoiraghi became Stefani. A name change that has sparked your curiosity, but that has not betrayed our essence. The quality, precision, and reliability that you have always come to expect from us have remained unchanged. This was a natural evolution, a necessary step to adapt our corporate identity to the growth and expansion of our business.

  • "What does Stefani mean?"
  • Stefani is the name of the family that has always owned the company. A name that represents the solidity and continuity of the values that have guided us since the origins: passion for quality, innovation, and attention to the customer.

    From the first grinders to today's innovations

  • "What is quality for Stefani?"
  • Quality is the founding value of our company. Your questions have driven us to strive for excellence at every stage of the production process, from the choice of materials to final assembly.

  • "What are your plans for the future?"
  • We look to the future with enthusiasm, ready to take on new market challenges and develop innovative solutions for your needs.

    Customer Questions

    A valuable source of information

    Every question, even the simplest, was a valuable source of information for us. It has enabled us to better understand customer needs, identify new market trends and continuously improve our products and services.

    An open dialogue with customers

    Your questions are the starting point of an open and constant dialogue that allows us to build lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

    A history that continues

    Today, after more than 60 years in business, we are still here, ready to answer your questions and accompany you in choosing the machine tool that best suits your needs.

    Your questions the key to our future

    In this section you will find:

    • An exciting journey through 60 years of history
    • The most recurring curiosities of customers over the last few years
    • Our answers evolved over time together with the market
    • The importance of dialogue with customers
    • Our commitment to the future

    We invite you to read this page. Re-reading it, we smile thinking about the history of STEFANI Srl. It takes us back in time, to the roots of our company, and allows us to relive our history with pride and a pinch of nostalgia.

    Your questions are not just simple requests for information but are real testimonies of the deep bond that our customers have with our Salmoiraghi brand, now Stefani brand.

    Here are some examples

    I went to your company; I rang your doorbell, but you are no longer there! Luckily, you have the same phone number!

    For decades, that headquarters (Turbigo - Via Libertà 50) was the beating heart of our company, first Salmoiraghi and then Stefani. It was within those walls that the first grinders, deburring and grinding machines were designed, and finally the large deburring systems that have made our fame. At the time, in the heart of the technical office, the drafting machine reigned supreme. Next to it, large cabinets jealously guarded our technical drawings, made with meticulous care on immaculate sheets. Today's modern technology was still a distant dream, and the design relied on the manual skill and ingenuity of Stefani technicians . The advent of CAD systems has revolutionized our work, facilitating the design and digitization of drawings. But our passion for innovation has never stopped. In 2017 we moved to a more modern and spacious location (Turbigo - Via Villoresi 71), ), in line with the needs of an ever-growing company. We cherish the fond memory of our old headquarters, where it all began, as well as our old telephone number 0331/899144, which has been the same for over 60 years. And we smile every time we answer the phone with "Good morning Stefani”, and we hear on the other end "excuse me but isn't that Salmoiraghi?”. It is the confirmation that our history, made up of deep roots and constant innovation, is more present than ever.

    I had kept your catalogue, the red and blue one, so that I could have your references and always be able to contact you.

    These are the words of an affectionate customer, who has jealously guarded one of our first Salmoiraghi catalogues. An heirloom that takes us back in time, to the days when technology was still in its infancy, when people used the old black Bakelite SIP telephone to make calls, with the dialer disc whirling with their fingers. A now iconic object, that required precise gestures and a pinch of patience. That catalogue was a precious working tool, a bridge between our company and the world. We keep it with affection, the first catalogue is never forgotten! If you also keep it, know that it is a precious gift for us. It is the testimony of a relationship of trust that has lasted for decades.

    I have an old Salmoiraghi grinder and it works as well as it did on the first day

    When we ask what the serial number plate, looks like, we discover that it is still the black and red one, dating back to 1970. We feel honoured to know that our products stand the test of time, giving customers years of reliability and performance. Whether it is grinders, polishers, cleaners, deburrers, belt sanders or anything else, our mission is always the same: to offer the highest quality products that last over time..

    The history of this Salmoiraghi grinding machine from 1970 is a concrete demonstration of our commitment. A commitment that translates into robust, reliable, and high-performance products, that meet the needs of all our customers, from the most demanding to the most occasional.

    Thanks to all the customers who, like this gentleman, have been choosing us for years and helping us to improve more and more.

    I use the Salmoiraghi grinder that belonged to my grandfather, I would like another one like it!

    When we ask for the model of the grinder, we discover that it is a combined grinder, cbuilt in the times when there was still no obligation to have a protective cover for the abrasive brush or the polishing cloth (a period between the 1960s and the 1980s). We explain that the brush guard is a fundamental safety requirement, which has been required since the introduction of the machinery regulations. We understand the sentimental value for the cast iron grinder that belonged to our grandfather, which has become an integral part of the family history, but our company has evolved also and above all from a safety point of view towards the user: the new models have improved features which, while maintaining the same performance, are aimed at minimizing the risk of injury; in fact we can offer the modern STEFANI cast iron SP polishing grinder which offers the same performance and reliability, with the added safety and functionality of today's models.

    I need an on/off switch for my Salmoiraghi polisher. Do you have a spare? The black knob that has the zero and the one?

    We understand the need to find a spare part for the Salmoiraghi cleaner. However, it is important to inform you that the machinery regulations implemented over the years have introduced new standards for user safety and the black knob switch type with zero/one is no longer compliant with current regulations. The zero/one switch is no longer considered safe as it has not an anti-reset function. . It means that in the event of a power failure, the machine with zero/one switch would automatically restart when the power is restored, without requiring manual operator intervention, posing a safety risk.
    What do we recommend? We recommend that you purchase a STEFANI polisher equipped with a start/stop/emergency button and anti-reset function.

    Increased safety: The anti-reset function prevents accidental start-up of the machine after a power failure.
    Regulatory compliance: The STEFANI polisher complies with current safety regulations.
    Advanced features: STEFANI cleaners offer several advanced features that can enhance your working experience. Your safety is our priority.
    Do not risk it: do not use your old polishing machine with the knob switch

    Contact us to buy a new STEFANI polisher.

    Can I put the vacuum / exhauster on my bench grinder? It' s from the year 1968 and it works like a charm.

    We would point out that at that time, the grinder guards were not equipped with dust extraction. Where would you connect the suction pipes? With a hint of nostalgia, we explain how security regulations have evolved over time, introducing new standards for user protection.

    To mount the vacuum cleaner / exhauster on the grinder, you would need to:

  • Replace the cover guards with models equipped with a special dust exhaust
  • Equip the machine with low voltage, which is required by the machinery regulations
  • Grinder Rating
    In addition to the modifications mentioned above, it is important to carefully evaluate the condition of the grinder.

    Engine status: A worn engine could be damaged at any time.
    Bearings: Damaged bearings could cause excessive vibration.
    Grinding wheel shaft: The grinding wheel shaft must be in perfect condition to ensure smooth rotation of the grinding wheel.
    Electrical system: the electrical system must be adapted to current regulations.

    We also recommend that you consider the purchase of a new STEFANI industrial grinder, equipped with of suction system and complies with current safety regulations.

    We invite you to carefully weigh the risks and benefits of any changes before proceeding. Safety is paramount.

    I would like a Salmoiraghi grinder like the ones built many years ago, which always work and never break down. Ah, there are no longer the machines of the past! I must ask you: is it better to have a SALMOIRAGHI grinder or a STEFANI grinder?

    We fully understand the appreciation for the Salmoiraghi grinders of yesteryear, renowned for their reliability and durability. In fact, build quality has always been a strong point of our brand, which is now called Stefani Srl.

    Salmoiraghi and Stefani are the same brand
    In 2013, Salmoiraghi changed its name to Stefani Srl to bring the brand back to the ownership of the company.
    The same tradition of excellence in manufacturing of deburring machines, grinders, polisher, cleaners, and sanders has continued for over sixty years.
    Today, we have a wider range of models, innovative technologies, and an even more efficient service.

    Our grinders are used by:

  • Mechanical Workshops
  • Carpentry
  • Metalworking industries
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Automotive Industries
  • Blacksmiths
  • Artisans in the sector

  • To learn more, visit the GRINDERS page.

    We need to polish our glasses, what can you propose? And to polish the nose pad?

    From that simple question, our supply of eyewear cleaners was born.
    The first polisher tested was the one with a speed of 1400 rpm. Later, 930 and 2800 rpm models were developed to meet different machining requirements. Over time, we introduced the version with the electronic speed variator, further expanding the use of polishers, for a more versatile use also for brushing and polishing fashion and furniture accessories.
    Today, there are numerous Salmoiraghi polishers and Stefani polishers installed on eyewear cleaning benches. They are also used for brushing and polishing fashion accessories, furniture accessories.
    The LVN and LVN/R belt sanders, with a belt development of 1350x30 mm, joined the range, offering a versatile and precise sanding solution. To meet the requirements of the most demanding customers, we also integrated pneumatic belt tensioning.

    Our bench polishers for eyewear cleaning benches, column polishers and belt sanders are used by:

  • eyewear manufacturing companies
  • Furniture Manufacturers
  • Fashion Accessories Manufacturers
  • Optical laboratories
  • Taps and fittings
  • Metal polishing companies
  • Metal finishing departments
  • Artisans in the sector

  • To find out more, visit the POLISHERS page.

    In our castings deburring and finishing department, we have a Salmoiraghi SM40 deburring machine with a single motor that mounts abrasive wheels with a diameter of 400 mm. We would like to install new deburring grinding machines, what do you recommend?

    Although this model, produced in the 70s, represented excellence at the time, it has now been replaced by newer and more performing models. SM40 allowed the mounting of abrasive wheels with a diameter of 400 mm and a speed of up to 45 m/second. Today, our SM50 and SM60 dual-motor deburring machines, forfor 500 mm and 600 mm grinding wheels, offer a speed of use of up to 60 m/second, guaranteeing superior performance. In addition, the height-adjustable workpiece support plate allows you to always work in the middle of the grinding wheel, ensuring an ergonomic posture and safer work. But that is not all: on request, the plate can also be supplied in a tilting version, for greater flexibility of use.
    We remind the customer not to hesitate to report their needs to us.
    Thanks to our ability to build each mechanical component in-house, we can produce "tailor-made" deburring machines" that adapt perfectly to specific needs.

    Our grinding and deburring machines are used by:

  • Foundries
  • Smudges and deburring companies
  • Metal deburring companies
  • Automotive finishing department
  • Artisans in the sector

  • To find out more, visit the DEBURRING MACHINES page.

    We produce sledgehammers for construction. The cost of finishing the metal body has a big impact on our budget. Could you look at a more efficient grinding solution? Consider that we produce different models of hammers, with different weights and sizes.

    The challenge was to create a high-performance deburring system, speeding up the production process, eliminating manual processing and ensuring a quality result.

    The TR4S semi-automated deburring system is able to:

  • Replace manual machining with an efficient and precise process
  • Ensure equal material removal on all sides of the hammer
  • Offer a stable and superior quality deburring result
  • Easily adapt to 14 different types of sledgehammers
  • The results:

  • Finishing costs halved
  • Doubled productivity
  • An unrivalled competitive advantage for the customer

  • To learn more, visit the SYSTEMS page.

    We could go on writing without finding an end... But we would be happier to talk about it directly with you.

    We remind you what you will find at Stefani today:

    • The same passion for quality and precision that Salmoiraghi is famous for
    • A complete range of grinders, cleaners, polishers, belt deburring machines, belt sanders, deburring machines, and tools to meet every need
    • "Tailor-made"; deburrers and grinding systems
    • Metal grinding machines
    • Metal polishing machines
    • Metal deburring machine
    • Metal sanding machines
    • A team of experts always ready to advise and support you
    • Impeccable, fast, and reliable customer service

    STEFANI The story continues

    Every smile, every anecdote, every question reminds us of our history and motivates us to continue to pursue excellence, offering products of the highest quality that know how to win the trust and satisfaction of those who choose us.