Our 100% made-in-Italy production

We affix our identifying symbol "Made in Italy Made in Stefani" to each machine. We are proud to produce our machines entirely ourselves and guarantee the excellence of Italian quality.

Stefani Srl

Our careful choice of raw materials, in-house manufacture of all mechanical components, entire control of the production process, and special and accurate construction techniques ensure that our machines are reliable and long-lasting. Every production step (design, development of new solutions, construction of mechanical components, machining and assembly) is carried out at the Turbigo site, allowing us to ensure the construction 'flexibility' that has become, over the years, one of our main strengths, together with competence, clarity and efficiency, which are a duty and a commitment for us.

All our products are created exclusively for industrial processing and comply with EC regulations, ensuring maximum reliability and safety.

Solutions that make a difference

The experience gained over the years allows us to always find the best surface finishing solution, producing machines according to the catalogue or to specific customer requirements.

  • We design, develop and produce machines entirely in our Turbigo headquarters
  • Catalogue and personalised machines
  • Systems tailored to the customer
  • Thousands of machines worldwide
  • 100% Made in Italy: quality, safety and reliability
  • More than 60 years of experience at your service
  • Systems and machines made to last over time