We work with passion and professionalism

Design and construction of grinding, deburring, polishing and sanding systems and machines.

Present on the national and international market since 1960 under the well-known SALMOIRAGHI brand, our activity began with the production of grinding, polishing, sanding and deburring machines. Our long history is based on thousands of machines placed on the Italian, European and non-European markets, and on people, each with a wealth of experience in the mechanical engineering sector. To complete the company rebranding process with the clearest identification of the company's ownership, in 2013, the logo and name were changed to STEFANI.

Today, we are an established company specialised in the production of machines for the processing and finishing of metals. We produce high-performance products that successfully meet the ever-increasing needs of the steel, forging and foundry market. Our constant commitment to the development of innovation, efficiency and quality has customer satisfaction as its principal and overriding objective. And the customer, our main focus, has led us to support the production of catalogue machines and the production of custom machines for the metal deburring and grinding sector. Qualified technical personnel are constantly available to examine, research and develop customised solutions according to specific needs, designing and building customised machines (automatic grinding machines, pendulum, portal deburring machines, etc.), capable of solving the problems of grinding round, square, flat and multi-sided ingots with even high weights and dimensions.

The reliability, professionalism and fairness with which our company has always presented itself to the market was one of the main reasons that inspired the company AUDAX, a prestigious and renowned Italian brand that for over half a century has produced bench, column and radial drills of the highest quality, to place its trust in our company, allowing us to become the exclusive supplier of its spare parts, on a national and international basis.

Our activity

  • Production of metal finishing machines, entirely made of cast iron: cast iron bench and column grinders for grinding wheels of different sizes (diameter mm 150 to diameter mm 400), cast iron belt grinders, cast iron bench and column polishers for brushes of different sizes (diameter mm 200 to diameter mm 400), combined cast iron bench and column grinders for grinding wheels and brush of different sizes (diameter mm 200 to diameter mm 400) cast-iron bench and column polishing machines for expansion wheels of different sizes ( from diameter mm 150 to diameter mm 200), cast iron column sharpening grinders for sharpening wheel diameter 200 mm, independent motor-driven polishing machines for cloths diameter 1000 mm, belt grinders with independent motors, belt sanders with normal and reduced revolutions for the eyewear industry, flexible bench systems for flexible shafts mm 8x1500, ehausters to be mounted on the machine.
  • Construction of grinding machines: deburring machines with independent motors for 500 and 600 mm diameter abrasive wheels, constant speed deburring machines for 600 and 800 mm diameter abrasive wheels, mobile table deburring machines, deburring grinding machines for foundries.
  • Construction of customised machines and systems (automatic, semi-automatic and manual grinding machines, pendulum and portal deburring machines, etc.), capable of solving the problems of grinding round, square, flat and multi-sided ingots with even high weights and dimensions for the steel, forging and foundry sector.
  • Construction of customised machines and systems for the removal and deburring of risers, casting and evacuation channels, joint burrs.
  • Exclusive supplier of AUDAX drill parts (flat vices, spindle shafts, gears, return springs, etc.).
  • Mechanical processing

Our passion

We have always designed and built machines with commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism, directly overseeing every stage of production. Our story is first and foremost made up of men, with an exceptional wealth of experience and expertise, who love the "scent of the workshop", because the workplace is, for them, like a second home; and then of thousands of machines, produced one by one, with meticulous care.

Our mission

Assisting the customer in finding the optimal solution for specific surface finishing requirements, transforming the benefits obtained into profitability.

Our vision

We want to transform the supplier/customer relationship into a true partnership, characterised by ongoing collaboration, capable of increasing technical and production skills on both sides.

Our guiding philosophy

We maintain Made in Italy quality, controlling the entire design and production process of each machine or system, within our Turbigo plant.

Our satisfaction

More than sixty years in the market is an important achievement, but the greatest success is the satisfaction recognised by our customers.