X2000 pendulum deburring machine with mobile carriage

The mobile trolley pendulum deburring machine X2000 is designed for the semi-automatic deburring of axles with a maximum length of 2000 mm, replacing the manual machining carried out using pendulum grinding wheels, thus eliminating the considerable effort and continuous pressure exerted by the operator on the abrasive wheel.

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main features:

  • To realize what the danger of a high-speed grinding wheel entails and therefore the necessary safety measures, just think that a peripheral point of a grinding wheel that rotates at 80 mt/second runs at a speed of 480 Km per hour creating impressive centrifugal forces. In the pendulum grinding wheels it is exclusively the human force of the operator that dominates the pressure of the abrasive wheel, which always tends to "slip and escape from the workpiece". In the X2000 pendulum deburring machine the weight of the grinding wheel is equal to ZERO, thanks to a special balancing system.
  • The jet is locked on the machine between the workpiece head holder and the mobile mouse, using special support equipment. The operator, exerting a pressure on the handlebar different depending on the material to be removed and automatically moving the piece, deburrs the excess material present.


Grinding wheel head group:

  • Wheel size (Ø x thickness x hole) > mm 500x60x127
  • Grinding wheel peripheral speed > m/second 63

Axle size:

  • Maximum length > mm 2.000
  • Maximum diameter > mm 660
  • Maximum weight > kg 1.000

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