TR4S deburring centre

The deburring center TR4S was designed for the finishing of the metal body of construction hammers for construction, replacing manual operations, ensuring an equal material removal on the faces to be machined and greatly speeding up the production process.

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main features:

  • TR4S adapts with extreme ease to the machining of hammers of different weight and size, with simple and intuitive operations. TR4S is equipped for the machining of 14 different types of hammers.
  • The machine provides that in the production cycle the feeding phase of the hammers to be machined and the unloading of the machined ones are carried out manually by the operator. These operations take place during the machining phase with the machine totally segregated by fixed and mobile fairings.
  • The deburring center TR4S is well suited to the machining of other small parts, defining their characteristics at the design stage. Contact our company for any information.

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