steel ingot front deburring machine

The Z1100 deburring machine is a machine built for the front deburring of steel ingots and allows a quick execution in the deburring operations.

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main features:

  • The structure consists of two slides: transverse and vertical.
  • Transverse slide: positioned on a fixed portal structure, it runs on wheels, allowing the grinding wheel head group a machining of 1.5 meters transversals. Its movement speed is adjustable by the operator according to the type of machining to be performed.
  • Vertical slide: positioned on the transverse slide, it has an exceptionally robust structure and equipped with special locks that increase its rigidity even during the most demanding machining. It has an adjustable vertical movement of 1.5 m to allow the machining of pieces that have a different height.


Grinding wheel head group:

  • Grinding wheel size (Ø x thickness x hole) > mm 600x80x127
  • Grinding wheel peripheral speed > m/second 63

Workable ingots size:

  • Minimum diameter > mm 400
  • Maximum diameter > mm 1.500

Transverse group:

  • Maximum working area > mm 1.500

Vertical slide:

  • Maximum stroke > mm 1.500

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