polishers for expanding rubber wheel

Power ratings from Hp 1 to Hp 3 for expansion wheels diameter 150 mm to 200 mm

Designed for industrial use, they are used for sanding and polishing operations: through centrifugal force, the rubber wheel expands keeping the abrasive belt in place to carry out the machining.

  • CATEGORY: Polishers

technical specifications:

  • Cast iron body, to ensure maximum stability and the absence of vibrations
  • Mechanical components manufactured and machined in-house to guarantee Stefani's Made in Italy quality
  • Fully rectified and dynamically balanced wheel shaft
  • Clamping flanges turned from billet to totally eliminate the risk of vibration
  • Safety guards made of high-strength sheet steel, equipped with suction connections
  • Start/stop/emergency buttons and anti-reset functionality
  • Compliant with EC standards


  • Cast-iron column
  • 24-Volt electrical equipment (in cases not provided for by regulations)
  • Exhauster

on request:

  • Expansion rubber wheel
  • Speed 1400/2800 rpm
  • Electronic speed variator
  • Motor brake
  • Increased shaft length

Models available for mm 200


Models available for mm 250


Models available for mm 200

Models available for mm 250

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