Deburring machine at constant speed

For wheels diameter 800 mm

Designed for industrial and heavy use in the field of deburring castings in cast iron or steel: the speed of use remains constant at 63 m/second even as the grinding wheel diameter changes due to wear.


technical specifications:

  • Single cast iron body, to ensure maximum stability and the absence of vibrations
  • Motor with 7.5 kW power to work in continuous operation with maximum friction pressure 24 hours a day without any maintenance problems
  • Grinding wheel diameter mm 800 and constant rotation speed of 63 m per second
  • Mechanical components manufactured and machined in-house to guarantee Stefani's Made in Italy quality
  • Hardened and case-hardened cartridge spindle: the cartridge system allows rapid replacement of the spindle during overhauls
  • Clamping flanges turned from billet and with a diameter greater than required by the reference standard, with 3 balancing sectors for wheel thickness from 60 mm to a minimum of 35 mm
  • Safety guard made of high-tight steel plate, equipped with suction connection
  • Extreme safety for the operator: the casing lowers simultaneously with the adjustment of the workpiece support surface as the diameter of the abrasive wheel decreases
  • Generously dimensioned workpiece support plate with replaceable overplates
  • Control panel with start/stop/emergency buttons
  • Anti-reset function, 24-Volt electrical equipment and thermal magnetic protection
  • Compliant with EC standards


  • Exhauster

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