continuous service polishing machine with variable speed and independent motors

For cotton discs diameter 1000 mm

Designed for industrial use, it is used for polishing operations. Equipped with two completely independent variable speed motors, it uses 1000 mm diameter cloths, which allow to obtain high cutting speeds at a low number of revolutions, obtaining greater penetration of the workpiece with less consumption of the abrasive disc.

  • CATEGORY: Polishers

technical specifications:

  • Robust structure, to ensure maximum stability and the absence of vibrations
  • Cotton disc diameter 1000 mm with maximum thickness 150 mm
  • Two independent motors with 4 kW + 4 kW power, to work in continuous operation with maximum friction pressure 24 hours a day without any maintenance problems
  • Two independent speed variators
  • Mechanical components manufactured and machined in-house to guarantee Stefani's Made in Italy quality
  • Cartridge spindle shaft
  • Clamping flanges turned from billet
  • Accident guards made of high-strength sheet steel, structured so as to cause forced suction, facilitated by the two suction ports with a diameter of 150 mm
  • Two independent control panels with start/stop/emergency buttons and multi-turn potentiometer for adjusting rotation speed with digital display
  • Anti-reset function, 24-Volt electrical equipment and thermal magnetic protection
  • Compliant with EC standards

standard accessories:

  • Exhauster

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