How to choose the right grinder

The grinder, also known as double grinder, bench grinder, bench stone or grinding machine, is a machine tool used for finishing metals. It features a motor shaft on which the two abrasive wheels, suitably protected by guards, rotate simultaneously. The grinding wheels move at the same speed but for convenience they are mounted with different grits depending on the type of work to be performed. The most common type of work is the removal of material from surfaces, but the grinder can also be used for sharpening drills, finishing freshly cut edges and corners, removing swarf or burrs and shaping, and deburring small castings. 

You can easily find these machines in metalworking shops, craftsmen's workshops, construction and shipyards, deburring shops and foundries. Workers, craftsmen, blacksmiths, forgers and deburrers often use these machines. 

Which criteria should be used to pick the right grinder? 

As a first thing, it is essential to identify its intended use, distinguishing between hobby or industrial purposes. Hobby machines are normally low-powered bench grinders, designed to be used occasionally by DIY enthusiasts. 

We do not recommend their use for handicraft or industrial machining: the machines must be suitable for the work requirements and therefore be reliable. They cannot slow down because of a loss of normal speed, stop due to overloading, or burn out the engine during machining! The damage would be significant for your business, as machining would have to be delayed or stopped… and we know time is money! The economic loss would be considerable, not to mention the cost of purchasing a new industrial grinder, which conversely is meant exactly for daily manufacturing and not sporadic use. Professionals need a robust and reliable machine. 

When you decide to buy a new industrial grinder, there are a few important aspects to consider. Firstly, the type of material that makes up the body of the machine and the base, when present, is essential (cast iron guarantees the stability and rigidity of the machine). Then, bear in mind the power of the engine, which determines the type of work that can be performed, and the diameter of the abrasive wheel that can be mounted. Higher power means a grinder with a larger diameter grinding wheel. For example, a grinder with a power of 0.37 kW will mount grinding wheels with a diameter of 150 mm, while one with a power of 3.73 kW will mount wheels with a diameter of 400 mm. 

Once you’ve found your grinder, you will have to decide whether to purchase it as a bench type (which will need to be fixed to a tabletop), with a base, with low-voltage controls and with an exhauster. Please note that the regulations stipulate that low-voltage controls are mandatory not only for machines with a power output of more than 3 kW, but also in the presence of an exhauster mounted on the machine. 

Why choosing a grinder entirely manufactured in Italy instead of an imported one? Italian quality is internationally renowned. We believe that you cannot compare a quality Italian grinder with an imported product. That’s why we want to tell you how our grinders are made! It is necessary to know how a machine is produced to understand how reliable it is. 

Our company has been manufacturing cast iron grinders for more than 60 years, thoroughly following every stage of production: design, manufacture, machining of components, assembly, testing and shipping. Our guiding philosophy is to guarantee the "Made in Italy" quality, by monitoring the entire design and production process. 

As a matter of fact, all our grinders are completely manufactured in our factory based in Turbigo, Milan (Italy), and are intended for industrial and professional use. Their iconic feature is the material that makes up the body and base of the machines: we exclusively use cast iron of Italian origin, as we believe that the sturdiness of such machines can’t be neglected in this type of industrial processing. STEFANI grinders are made of a central cast iron body, containing the stator, plus two covers, also in cast iron. Each casting (body and cover) is manufactured by our operators on work centres and painstakingly checked to ensure perfect alignment of the internal components, together with the rotation of the motor shaft, which is fully rectified and dynamically balanced with the rotor. The wheel-clamping flanges are turned from billet (not moulded) to eliminate the risk of vibration and have a larger diameter than required by standards. The abrasive wheel protective caps (wheel guards) are made of sheet steel and equipped with dust extraction ports, transparent plastic splinter guards and workpiece supports, both adjustable. The base of the grinders is exclusively made of cast iron, to ensure solidity and rigidity even during the heaviest use

The control panels of the electrical part may vary depending on the engine and machine configuration. The starting system consists of a double on/off button, plus an additional red mushroom button for the emergency function. The machine can only be started intentionally, even after sudden power failures (anti-reset function). In low voltage grinders, the electrical voltage is ensured by the lockable main switch. We recommend that any adjustment and/or replacement of abrasives and maintenance operations be carried out with the machine at standstill and the mushroom button with emergency function engaged. 

We produce cast iron grinders for industrial and professional use with a motor power ranging from 0.5 hp 0.37 kW up to a power of 5 hp 3.73 kW, for grinding wheels of diameter 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm, 350 mm and 400 mm. 
In addition to the bench version, there is also a simple column version and a column version with 24 Volt (low voltage) and exhauster. On top of the classic double grinder, we also produce the combined wheel/brush grinder (cleaning grinder) and the belt grinder. All our grinders with exhausters have low voltage controls. You can find the technical features of each model in the data sheet, please check it for further information. 

We make tailored grinders to meet all your machining needs 

Complete control of the production process gives us the flexibility to produce grinders even with specific features required by the customer (e.g. increased shaft projection, cutting wheels, motor brake, variable speed drive, etc). Our goal and pride is indeed to be able to meet the requests of our numerous customers. 

Top quality and reliable services 

Moreover, the in-house production of mechanical parts allows us to guarantee a reliable and fast spare parts service. Our identification mark “Made in Italy Made in Stefani” is stamped on each machine we produce. We are proud to fully manufacture our machines and guarantee the excellence of Italian quality. To wrap up, we have tried to provide you with important information on how to choose the right grinder for your needs: always bear in mind reliability, safety, and availability of spare parts. 

Whatever your choice, we recommend STEFANI grinders!

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